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Gold has intrinsic value, which is lacking in the modern fiat currencies today. Since it has a set value, it is not subjected to inflation making gold the perfect investment vehicle. This means that even if the stock market collapsed and you are holding physical gold, you are still guaranteed some real assets.


There is a number of ways to invest in gold. If you want to hold physical gold, you can buy bullion coins or gold bars. Sold in increments of 1 oz, gold bullion coins are pure gold that are being sold in several countries like the United State’s American Gold Eagle. You can buy gold bullion coins and bars in major Swiss banks, though they faced the hassles of storage.

You can also buy stocks from gold-related companies in the stock market such as the Barrick Gold (ABX), the largest gold mining companies in the world, and buy and sell your stocks. You can also invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which works like the stocks and mutual funds minus the fees.

If you want to make a handsome profit, you can buy and sell gold jewelries since they are marked up from the actual price or weight of the gold used. Gold price still depends on the law of supply and demand; though other factors affect it as well such as bank failures, world crisis like war and terrorism, and other uncertainties in the socio-political climate, which can easily rise up its value.

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  1. 7-17-2014

    Indeed, it’s a great investment. But let’s not forget, one should focus on the long term, it’s not a short term investment, as price naturally fluctuates (and gold has proven the fact that it can fluctuate wildly).

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