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You know that the human being is the most advanced, developed and intelligent living creature. Have you ever thought of why? The most important reason may be the use of communication. There are other living creatures those who communicate as well. But they do not have any language or format. From the past they have stuck to point of gesture, posture and sound. This is something human started using thousands and thousands of years ago. But they developed the communication and relation on a regular basis and communication took shape something big.

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People mostly think that communication means direct speaking to others or writing them something. But communication is big space to explore. Even when you are thinking something that is also communication called intra personal communication. Communication has a simple sketch. Someone encodes a message through a medium that reaches to another and gets decoded. Painting, dancing, singing, body language everything has a communication value. When you are looking at a painting, how it is reaching to you, what does the painting want to say you, what was thought the painter put in the space to interpret, everything is communication.

The technological advancement always has a special space in the mind of human being. From the birth of human being it never stopped along with communication. Human have found easiest way of working giving as less as effort possible to produce the big amount of work done. Computer has found a big place in the daily advanced life of human being. Initially depending on that internet was a revolutionary establishment in the human life. Internet was come into play for providing a communication zone among people all over the world in no time. Internet dismissed the distance factor in the communication field within affordability range of common people. The daily advancement of internet has found a virtual world inside the cyber space. The thing is called social networking.

The concept of social networking is very simple. It keeps the nearest and dearest one close to you on daily communication zone. The social networking has found a huge popularity among the all age group of people all over the world. So it has encountered a huge traffic in the virtual space.

The online marketing is a growing concept in the field of promotion and business. The social networking has brought a singular track mass media. People have different choice so in other form of mass media it is tough to reach the big number of people. Social networking found the solution. The search engine optimization is one of the most important parts in online marketing. It means to optimize or rank up the business content. Strategically the social media link is embedded in the content pages for coordinating it with the social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc. The regular information flow about the business in the social media helps to grab the attention of mass. The social media optimization has become one of the most important tools for all kind of business.


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