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None can deny the supremacy of the properties over the other possessions when it comes to the wealth. Properties are a shining sign of anyone’s prosperity and wealth. Even an average person, who may be earns less, desires to own a property in the shape of his house, office or shop. But commercial properties are very worthy. Economy is considered the backbone of any country. Companies and organizations own their office at commercial areas where a huge crowd of the people work and earn their butter and bread. Commercial properties are the parts of country which generate the revenue and help government running its system smoothly.

Dubai Commercial Properties

In advance infrastructure, we find city divided into two parts. First is residential where people live and other one is commercial area where you find the commercial / business activities. Commercial properties include almost everything we see around us in our country. Here are some very important types of commercial properties for your understanding:

Types of commercial propertys

1. Office Buildings 

You might have seen the big plazas and office buildings in commercial areas. Different companies and proprietors own the offices and run their business from there. You will either find government offices from where they operate their business activities across the country. Other big part is of private businesses own either by foreign companies or local businessmen. Big office buildings are constructed and offices are sold out for the business purpose. All the office buildings and plazas are classified as commercial properties.

2. Industrial area 

Industrial area is also classified as commercial properties. You might have seen a particular area given to the companies which own industries and factories. They are given a separate entity where all the industries make their setup and continue their business activities. Industrial area is a big source of revenue for government and earning spot for the people who work there as employees.

3. Retailers 

Retailers are found in semi-commercial areas. You will find shops where you purchase the things you need for you and for your house. The chain of different shops is also classified as commercial properties. Though they own a business and purchase the property for business purpose, the land will be called commercial property.5

4. Shopping mall

Shopping malls are also come into the classification of commercial properties. Huge and small shopping malls are center of many products and brand names. You find seed to car in any shopping mall. No resident purpose is seen in shopping plaza but a pure business environment where people come to purchase the things and give benefit to those who have opened their outlets.

5. Hotels and Restaurants 

Hotels are also commercial properties. Either you go there to eat something or book a room for you. All come into the business activity. Hotels are also constructed to make money and owners of the hotels make them commercial for everyone. This is a reason hotels are called commercial properties.

6. Lands

Farmers earn their butter bread through their Greenfield lands. Agriculture is one of the most important sources of revenue for government and the people attached to this business. All the lands are classified as commercial properties. The use of the lands is pure commercial so the area which is supposed to use for agriculture comes under the umbrella of commercial properties.

7. High-rise apartments

You might have seen, in commercial area, big shops with high-rise apartments. Though there is a particular area for residents yet many plazas are constructed in commercial area with the intention of inclusion of few apartments along with the shopping mall or shops. Those kinds of high-rise apartments also classified as commercial properties.

8. Other special use of commercial properties

Story does not end here. There are other countless uses of commercial properties as well. Theatre and cinemas are also considered commercial properties because their use is purely commercial. Car washers, funerals spots, community centers, theme parks and even religious places like church mosques etc. are also classified commercial properties.

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