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Basically investing is always seen as preserve of wealthy and it has great reputation for being obstacle to uninitiated. As the standards of living will continue to rise and so more people are starting to realize the advantages of investing small sums.

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The main fundamental question which strikes your mind is, why should you invest? The common answer is to generate and earn profit, but key reason behind investment is far more significant and will also directly influence your decision of how to invest and where to invest. Before you invest your hard earned money you need to identify the level of risk that you are willing to afford.

Before you invest you should also identify the time horizon for which you can invest and what is the reason for investing. There are different options of investments available for different horizon and as per your risk appetite. So, first you will have to know the objective of investment and when would you want to take your money back.

For few people investment is a burden but there are some who really enjoy investing as it is a great mean or a wonderful source which will protect and secure your future and any unexpected occurrence which happens in your future.

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