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We throw around a phrase “social media” a lot these days, more often to describe what we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.  The term is used so vaguely that it describes almost every website on the internet today.

Social Medias

There are also people who have a restricted view of social media, they don’t consider blogs to fall under the social media category.  

So, what is Social Media? 

By breaking down the term, we get a clear understanding by looking at each word individually.

Social refers to the interaction with other people by sharing and receiving information.

Media refers to an instrument of communication such as Internet, TV, radio, newspaper, and more.

Therefore a basic definition can be pulled with the explanation of these two terms.

“Social media is a web-based communication tool that enables people to interact with each other by sharing and consuming information.”

Disadvantages of Social Media

With rapidly growing and increasingly advanced technology, social media is accessible to everyone. No matter what the age is, people are connecting and interacting over the web. Where we take advantage of social media’s multiple benefits through high-end technology, there are also some disadvantages that may affect the lives of many. You must beware of these consistent drawbacks of social media whether an adult or a teenager.

1. Virtual Bullying 

Virtual bullying is a big threat on social media networking sites. Since the social media websites are so public that individuals can be bullied and humiliated in front of their friends and other followers. Unfortunately, most of the time, the victim will shy away or get frightened to say anything about it and eventually let it happen. What they can only do is report it, block the bully from their profile, and delete the comments that have been made. But the right action must be taken timely, or it will be too late.

2. Identity Theft

Believe it or not, the information that you on the internet is approachable to anyone who is clever enough. By stealing a few pieces of your personal information, thieves could make your life a nightmare. And if they succeed in doing so, it may cost you dearly. A couple of researches reveal that Millennial are the fastest growing group of victims to it. Its major reason is their comfort with sharing almost everything online; including personal information.

3. Backlash

A joke among close friends is one thing it could be much different with the world at large. When potentially offensive content is posted online, the feedback may also be excessive and most possible brutal. Particularly, it is true with highly opinionated subjects like religion and politics. Such backlash can have a long-term impact on the individual’s future.

4. Cyberbullying and Crimes against Children

Excessive use of social media may expose a person to other forms of harassments and even inappropriate content. Especially, it is true for younger children and teens. Unless parents conscientiously filter the web content of the kids, they could be exposed to some inappropriate content.

5. Time Waster

Business Insider reported that social media, surpassing email, is the most popular use of internet in this era. And smartphones and other mobile devices seem to be the biggest driving force behind this trend because more than 60 percent of traffic is from a mobile source. Also, a report on Forbes states that 89 percent responders to them admitted wasting time on social media white at work.

When kids start showing interest in joining a social networking site, parents must discuss its pros and cons with them. Also, they are required to build some ground rules for kids whether they are the age of 10 or 16.

Last Thought

Unsurprisingly, when social media has gained so much acceptability, it helps people with a lot of benefits. They get multiple opportunities to turn their life experience into college credit. With what they have come across on social media, they are offered college credit for life experience by many recognized and reputable universities. But the positively productive use of social media is condition here.


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When he is not working, he likes playing sports including Tennis, Baseball, and Rugby.

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